$20 Off Modern Warfare 3 at GameStop

$20 Off Modern Warfare 3 at GameStop for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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dazzrazz2402d ago

So that should put this horrible game at $20 ? Oh wait... completely forgot its Gamestop.They don't follow rest of the retail market and lower prices soon-ish.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2401d ago

Really? Cause from a quick look at wal-mart and other places that sell games this is still 59.99

GraveLord2401d ago

It's been $40 on Amazon for weeks if not months.

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svoulis2401d ago

What gets me, is that people who hate this game are the first ones to actually read the post and say something about it.

Do you know how that makes you look at all honestly?


Anyway the game is worth 40 dollars if you are a fan. If not I wouldn't suggest it cause well, its cod.

I personally like COD games and BF games..>STAND BACK EXPLOSION IMMANENT

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Son_Lee2401d ago

Good price. It's okay to like CoD, guys. Enjoy your games, especially when they go down in price like this. I may pick it up.