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"In addition to Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, From Software is also behind one of the longest-running mech-simulation series, Armored Core. Throughout the past decade, Armored Core has provided entries that, overall, have come across as average, usually resulting in an abundance of “hit-or-miss” receptions. Now, Armored Core V has been released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and From Software has implemented new features that fans of the series might actually be interested in. But will it provide enough incentive for fans to lay down the money?" - JPS

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ninjaman9992402d ago

Sweet jebus...I have a closed copy sitting next to me and I dunno if I should open it. Can any hardcore AC fans let me know if this is indeed a good title?

MySwordIsHeavenly2402d ago

Hardcore fan here. It's...definitely not worth $65, man. Seriously. Return it, if at all possible. Get it later, when it's cheap.

KillaManiac2402d ago

If you have online and have friends to start a faction with is this a good game. Also, if you can find a group who all voice chat its a FANTASTIC game.

I personally love it, if the community can stay up and active it will have a very good life. I say this just because of your group constantly taking territories and losing them to competitors.

Its a MMO for armored core pretty much honestly.

Kinggger2402d ago

don't listen to MySwordIsHeavenly and just return because you have to realize you have no idea what the online community will be like further down the road when the game is cheaper. If you've played the previous and liked them, then I think you would enjoy this one even more. games awesome when you have a good team who has mics. you can talk in the lobby while specing your mech with your team members. people who don't like to take the time to get by the deep learning curve won't like the game at all. It's a game of personal preference really, definitely worth trying though

Mutant-Spud2402d ago

Hmm, I liked Chromehounds a lot more than Armored Core 4 or For Answer, I might pick this up, I wonder if you can gift the specs for different builds to team mates ?

Kinggger2402d ago

you can share/trade with your teammates including cash and parts or anything really

TheGreatIndonesia2402d ago

does it worth 60$ if i just wanna play single player?