VGRT Gaming Podcast Episode 256: AAAA Experience

This week’s Gaming Podcast gets down and dirty, with plenty of AAAA goodness. The Darkness II contest is still going on this week, and winners will be announced next week.

In the meantime:

* Analyst predicts 66M iPad sales in 2012
* Diablo III gets May 15 release date
* Epic: Next gen console launch titles will probably use Unreal Engine 3
* Microsoft looking for executive producer to work on an “AAAA” Xbox title
* Wasteland 2 aiming for October 2013 release date

All that, plus Reader Feedback.

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Shivan3306d ago

AAAA doesnt mean anything

NeoTribe3306d ago

There havnt accomplished making a AAA title let alone trying to tackle the nonexistent AAAA.