Silent Hill HD Collection Lets In Giant Patch On PS3

TGH Writes: "Silent Hill HD Collection has been out and has seen some great reviews from IGN and GameInformer. Despite this, one would assume to work out bugs it seems that Konami has released a rather hefty patch on the PS3."

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Morgue2496d ago

How do I turn the 5.1 back on cause now its in 2 channel stereo.

Skate-AK2496d ago

How's the framerate now?

LiamIRL822496d ago

297mb is hardly giant, big maybe. Don't exaggerate!!

Morgue2496d ago

Framerate is way better. It doesn't look like I'm skipping around anyone.

I had to uninstall it, it came up as 5.1 again till it said the update was available. Started up the game and it's back to 2 channel stereo. They say you can change but I can't figure it out and I'm a little miffed. I'm about ready to return it because I still have the original PS2 one.

CernaML2496d ago

Didnt do a damn thing.

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