Retro Rewind: SNES Games

GameDaily's Retro Rewind takes on SNES games:
Super Metroid
Samus Aran really comes of age in this supercharged sequel. She returns to Zebes to find an all new Metroid threat, which requires eradication. The impressive visuals, soundtrack and boss battles really make this game a blast to play, even in this era of more advanced 3-D Metroid shooters.

Did You Know: Super Metroid has one of the best ending "twists" ever conceived during the final boss fight. It's heartbreaking, and a genuine surprise. Of course, we won't give it away.

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MK_Red4037d ago

Super Metroid was THE KING.
Definitly my fave SNES game followed by Actraiser.

freakyzeeky4037d ago

Super Metroid, one of my favorite games on the SNES evar! =)
And I loved ActRaiser as well... SquareEnix should definitely remake that game for next-gen consoles. :D

MK_Red4037d ago

Awesome idea.
ActRaiser next-gen would be UBER awesome.

heyheyhey4037d ago

can you get homebrew on the ps3 that emulates snes games? cause i know theres one on the psp like that but im not sure whether you can get one with ps3- does anyone know?

MK_Red4037d ago

I'm pretty sure PS3 has emulators for SNES and all others.

Azurite4037d ago

Pretty sure(not entirely) that you can get working snes emulators if you got a LinuxOS installed.

heyheyhey4037d ago

can anyone hook me up with some sites for nes, snes and mega drive please? also is there any way to do it without linux? (i prefer the xmb its quick and easy)