Sessler's Soapbox: 2007 Year In Review

G4 X-Play, January 02, 2008:

It may be a new year, but that doesn't mean that Sessler is done with his ravings on the gaming industry. In this week's Sessler's Soapbox, Adam looks back at 2007 as examines how the year stand us in retrospect. Was it truly the greatest year for gaming ever?

Check out the video and let G4 know what you think below or share your thoughts in their forums.

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Jdash244036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

from all the comments i read on the last sessler soapbox posted here, i dont think anyone on n4g cares about sessler's opinion anymore

but i think that was just because he was telling everyone to buy wii games, as for this video, he nailed 07 spot on, big cluster of great games at the end there, and we will see alot of high profile titles spread out this year and not clustered like 07 was

heyheyhey4035d ago

i like sessler even though most people hate him- his reviews scores suck but he is quite funny so i guess it balances out

SaiyanFury4035d ago

Normally I don't care about X-Play input, but on his own Adam Sessler can be a logical being at times. He was right: 2007 was the year that developers are figuring out hardware and it is showing, especially in PS3 development. I have not yet played Heavenly Sword due to it's wonky blocking control scheme, but I've played though Sony's recent titles, Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank. So far as I can see devs are getting used to the hardware. Yes I am aware that the two previous games are Sony developers, but it's those great exclusives that make the difference. Although I enjoyed Assassin's Creed on my PS3 as well. As far as I've read, Call of Duty 4 was well received by the PS3 mass. I don't normally play war games as they usually aren't my style, but the colours are changing all the time. 2008 will see the PS3 receive many great games as well as the other systems. I'm sure everybody will enjoy what system(s) they own.

Legion4035d ago

Sessler is a pedaphile waitng for his next Nintendo DS fix. He wants to move back to his moms basement and wank off more JCPenny underwear adds.

The guy doesn't know crap about a good game. I would not be surprized if he didn't still wear garanimal matching outfits, and spidey underwear.

The guy is a looser wanting to be an adult. And he has a show? Give me a break!!!!