Retake ME3: Fan entitlement or a genuine complaint?

The release of Mass Effect 3 was meant to be the big highlight of the early part of 2012, but what started as joyous occasion quickly turned to an outpouring of anger by fans of the series, as the ending failed to provide any closure on a series that millions love. But are these fans right to complain so readily about the ending to the game? Or is it just fan entitlement gone mad? I look at whether the Retake ME3 movement is justified in their campaign and just what they are trying to achieve.

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aliengmr2401d ago

Indoctrination theory is false. This is the ending they intended.

ThichQuangDuck2401d ago





okay since everyone has been warned, the indoctrination theory seems pretty concrete. I am one that am okay with capcom DLC characters because I believe you are buying the complete game. But for a game to end with a hey that last few minutes was a dream and we are only going to hint that without saying it than charge you for a dlc ending or cut scenes that will leave you satisfied with the game I am sure some of you played hundreds of hours is criminal. Watch the ending online rather than play it show them that you stand for something. Otherwise we will get inception endings for every game and conclusion dlc. I have not played the mass effect games because I could not get into mass effect 1,but this is my take after reading the story. Should have at least have multiple cut scene endings seems it would have saved them a lot of trouble and would show they care about their fans. I am excited for Witcher 2 because it seems to promote true choice

metsgaming2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Personally im not a fan of the series or RPG's but i think the fact that in the end *SPOILERS* the fact that your choices mean nothing is insulting to the people who played it

WitWolfy2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Your choices did mean something! It meant you WASTED your time gathering WAR ASSESTS! And you most def WASTED your time getting GALACTIC READINESS to the max of your ability!

See it did mean something!:P

But on a serious note... If this was to troll fans of the series just for laughs, then mission accomplished BW you just alienated about 50%+ of your fanbase, and probably lost majority of them in the process. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

002401d ago

think it's entitlement when fans are willing to donate 80 thousand big ones to charity( only for it be closed because of hate mail) to make a point. along with being lied to pre release

Canary2401d ago

This just in: consumers ARE entitled to criticize and complain about products they purchase! These are not spoiled children whining about getting one cookie instead of two from a kindly relative--they are paying consumers voicing (very) legitimate complaints.

The great bleeding point is that the whole goddamned THEME of the Mass Effect games was that the PLAYER'S actions and decisions had an effect on the narrative. This is the very crux, the raison d'etre of the Mass Effect series. EA/Bioware's decision to end the trilogy with a single ending and to completely ignore all of the player's choices in previous games (and Mass Effect 3) is complete antithetical to what makes Mass Effect Mass Effect.

It's a betrayal of the fans, the franchise, and the story itself--made hard by all the lies EA used to advertise the game over the past two years, made harder by their blatant attacks on the consumers for daring to point out that (once again) Bioware has delivered a mass fail.

bobrea2401d ago

I honestly don't see what all of the fuss over the ending is about. If you don't like what they're doing with the DLC, don't buy it, simple as that. I don't see why people are acting like the game didn't tell you what happened in the end. I know what I chose, and I know the consequences of my final decision.

SimplePlan2k82400d ago

Because quite frankly, it didn't end. If you went to see a film and it cut off just before the finale and an usher came round to collect another 1/4 of the admission fee just to finish it, wouldn't you be mad?

And at this point we don't even know if we're getting a real ending

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