New DOTA 2 Update adds Lycan and enables Shadow Demon in Captain's Mode

DSOGaming writes: "Valve released a new beta update for their upcoming action RTS, DOTA 2. This new update comes with the addition of Lycan and enables Shadow Demon in Captain’s Mode. In addition, the new beta patch adds all Random game mode for private lobbies, adds setting for ambient creatures in the Advanced Video Settings, sports various bot improvements and a number of fixes."

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john22402d ago

DOTA 2 keeps getting better and better. Really curious to see how it will perform agains LoL

T9002402d ago

Dota 2 is will be amazing.

In a day and age where games are dumbed down for the casual gamers, Dota stands out from the crowd. I really dont know when this will be coming out, however for the hardcore gamer who enjoys complex games and a game that will probably make it big when it comes to esports Dota 2 probably wil be the game to own.

I personally started playing Dota 1 few months ago and cant get enough of it, even though its a mod for a 10 year old game (Warcraft 3).

shikamaroooo2402d ago

I know how you feel, I've been playing dota since I was 14 (6 years go), it never gets old