Gamers Should Not, and Can Not Dictate Creative Vision


"Undoubtedly, you’ve heard about the fuss over Mass Effect 3‘s ending.

I guess someone on the internet forgot that some of us enjoy playing our games spoiler-free, but that would be in the realm of accusations, and I’m not here to discuss that.

Instead, I’m here to say something that will earn an infinite amount of criticism.

Gamers should not, and can not dictate a developer’s creative vision. By attempting to do so, you appear as nothing more than an entitled, whiny child."

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Dante1122429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Gamers can't dictate the developer's creative vision.

Developers and journalists can't dictate the gamers/fans opinion or how they respond (user reviews, bioware forums, etc) to the developer's vision.

Edit: How many articles have we seen TODAY on how the gamers who bought ME3 should just be quiet and take it? There was even an artcles posted on N4G yesterday telling gamers not to refund the game lol.

Proeliator2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

I agree completely. We're all entitled to our opinion, but as the author firmly states, the ME3 stuff is just silly.

Proeliator2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

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-Mika-2429d ago

You can't accidentally double post on n4g. So just stop.

gaminoz2429d ago

@ Mika...

I've done it several times with slow internet, so you can

SilentNegotiator2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Current rate of articles complaining about gamers to articles complaining about the ending of ME3? 9999 to 1

The ending was bad. The majority of gamers in on the debate agree. Amazon and Origin have refunded people over it; it is a STORY and CHOICE driven game. EA/Bioware are currently CONSIDERING CHANGING THE ENDING!

Why can't these "ZOMG creative Visionz!!" people stop being crybabies and get over it? If some people feel that the poor ending of a...once again....STORY AND CHOICE DRIVEN GAME...was deceptive and poor, it hurt their experience greatly. If that goes over your head, don't worry. Those people can fight for compensation, and you can ignore it and stop being a massive fanboy.

wallis2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Can't silence it.

Although to be fair I don't think a federal case is really necessary but I do think Bioware and EA could use a good humbling right about now. If I won I'd make them apologize for a list of games, franchises and companies that have fallen to disgrace or were just crushed under their mighty heel.

Not written either. I'd want someone to stand there in front of a crowd and have to publically apologize for command and conquer 4 and numerous other crap.

morganfell2429d ago

Magazines and websites should not dictate the worthiness of a game. Yet for most of the public they do.

As regards the title, the author is wrong. We have seen proof in numbers lately that gamers can indeed dictate creative vision. I am not saying it is correct but instead I choose to acknowledge that such an occurrence does indeed exist. It has occurred time and time again. Every time a developer decides to base decisions of creativity upon what the fans want we see it. Such actions cut across all platforms from HALO to Infamous 2.

Also there is the public's silent orders to companies. One need look no further than the umpteenth Call of Duty clone to realize such a decision by developers and publishers is indeed based on the dictates of the public.

MysticStrummer2429d ago

Luckily the ME3 uproar has nothing to do with creative vision. The main point of the series was that choices matter. The developers themselves said that the choices made through the previous games would be playing out in the third game, and then... those choices turned out to mean nothing in the end. The argument is about broken promises and misleading hype. Anyway, players will always have a say in creative vision. It's called voting with your wallet.

Godmars2902429d ago

Sorry, but no. The Very heart of this argument is that the game's creative vision has negated its basic premise of choice. If such wasn't the case, if the end supported some if not all of the choices you've made - none of this would be happening. We'd be talking about how the ending validates what you've done throughout three games, not asking where that validation was.

Then again, game actually wasn't about choice but rather the presentation of choice. Really the series was no better than a Micheal Bay with big explosions and conclusive jumps in reason and plot. A manipulation. The end just showed it for what it was.

sikbeta2428d ago

This whole case is really mad, people can b*tch all they want because didn't like the game, but asking for REDUNDS? really? and it's not like the game is crap from beginning to end, it's just the end that made people go apes*** XP

Ares84HU2428d ago

Gamers should always voice their opinions because that's a way of giving feedback to developers.

But that doesn't me you have to be rude about it and demanding money back just because you decided that you were not satisfied by the product. It's not a new IP, it's the 3rd installment in a series. If you didn't know what you were getting than I'm sorry for you. You might not like the ending but you can't tell me that the whole game was so bad you must get a full refund.

Now as for developers creativity, no, gamers should not dictate that at all. They can give feedback on their work which will influence their next project but that's it.

If you are not happy with state of games, go and get into game development and show the world that you are so much better than anyone else in the industry.

Anon19742428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I just don't get it. Mass Effect 2 was no different, and yet everyone freakn loved that game. The main story always overrode individual choices made in the game, but people didn't lose their minds like they're doing now. So what's changed?

This article examined the exact same problem with Mass Effect 2.

"Mass Effect 2, unfortunately, doesn't do a very good job of reconciling decision-making with story; on numerous occasions, the plot gets in the way of precisely what BioWare's title is supposed to be about, which is player choice and meaningful consequence."

And yet now this is an issue? However did we all manage in the last 30 years of gaming when 99% of games only had one ending and what you see is what you get?

da_2pacalypse2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I agree. But I also believe that the developers are games should be respectful enough to us gamers to give us a quality product and not take us to be idiots.

some games can be successful just because of marketing... that doesn't necessarily mean you should take advantage of this and sell a marketable yet disappointing product. Gamers aren't stupid, we should all be aware that the ending was rushed and the game should have been pushed back. Whether you agree that they should change the ending now is another argument.

Bioware cheaped out, there is not other way of putting it. There should have been multiple endings, but there was only one.

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geddesmond2429d ago

I don't know, as gamers we expect more because we get to involved in these games. A games story ain't like a 2 hour movie you see in the cinema but forget about 2 weeks later. We heavily invest in these experiences by putting in mad hours to spending 60 -100 bucks on a game. If a story has a plot hole or it under performs we can pick up on that stuff because a games story stays with us for much longer

ZippyZapper2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Gamers have been "dictating creative vision" since gaming started. Who do you think makes the games? Gamers are the ones who drive the media not the developers or publishers.

Mass Effect isn't a new story, they borrow everything from Star Wars. Fact of the matter is that most people feel the ending to Mass Effect was just plain bad. Not realy bad more like cheap.

If Bioware didn't take gamers opinions to heart, then they wouldn't be so defensive about it like they are.

TekoIie2428d ago

I know like how Star wars has robots trying to destroy the galaxy and mass effect totally stole the character customisations idea from star wars too.

Seriously gtfo of your gonna pull the "copycat" line because your just hating for the sake of hating. Mass effect 3 is a brilliant game (as a whole) and its a shame they pulled this sort of ending on us.

BadCircuit2429d ago

They've added a Poll. (Not that these things are necessarily accurate...)

Aaroncls72428d ago

The author does not understand the real issue the displeased fans are raving about.

The endings were 95% identical!

That didn't spoil the whole experience for me, at all.

But corners were cut and it shows, man!

StraightPath2428d ago

the feeling of choice was never strong in mass effect games to begin was just a illusion of choice your just basically selecting a different dialouge tree resulting in a different cut scene. The whole bad good karma thing is generic at most.

xCaptainAmazing2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

BioWare is getting flack because they blatantly lied about nearly everything in the pre-release campaign for the game. That is a big deal, and people have the right to complain.

Nobody has a right to dictate a developer's vision, but they certainly have a right to complain when they did not receive something that was promised.

Mass Effect is a unique game because BioWare put the players in the driver seat. They realized what they created was wonderful and took on a life of its own with players. Saying that BioWare should get to dictate every aspect of it... is wrong. It belongs to all of us now, as well as them. If they wanted control, they should have never given it to the player.

Edit: This whole thing is making a splash because the rest of the game was phenomenal. I just wanted to be clear that I absolutely loved the game, minus the awful decision they made.

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Godmars2902429d ago

Game Markers shouldn't overstep their creative ability.

That goes double for Peter Molyneux :p

gaminoz2429d ago

If game makers don't give things a go then innovation is truly dead.

They shouldn't publish unfinished rubbish that needs to be patched though, or overpromise like Peter Molyneux :P

Mass Effect 3 can't be a bad game simply because of an ending people disagree with?

Godmars2902429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

But they did make promises which ran counter to what was delivered. They said that they'd provide an end which would give closure and leave no lose ends, and instead delivered something that's begun arguments which have reached outside the context of the game.

Someone messed up.

Da One2429d ago

I see people have misinterpreted Godmars statement.

He means developers shouldn't write checks heir ass can't cash.

VanillaBear2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

But even Bioware went against it, there own creative vision

They had an ending, it was leaked and instead of sticking to their guns and going ahead with it they changed it.....because of this they got it finished and now we will have to pat for the end in the future.

maverick402429d ago

no but if they spend 60 dollars on a game that is thrash,they deserve to get what they want.

negative2428d ago

Well the game is NOT 'thrash'.... so your comment is invalid.

Megaton2429d ago

Growing really tired of talking about this. Every day some new blogger falls in line with the same oblivious misunderstanding of the situation and just clones IGN's statements that everyone who didn't like ME3's ending is an "entitled whiny child", submitting it to N4G as if they're adding value to some national conversation.

You bring nothing to the table, OXCGN.

wolokowoh2428d ago

There's not much of an argument. On one hand, Bioware has the right to end ME3 however the wanted it to end. They're the sellers and should have creative control of the product. On the other hand, Bioware did falsely advertise how the ending would work and implied the player would have a larger influence then the player actually does. The ending "sucking" is subjective and doesn't matter but if anyone were to dig up the evidence that they falsely advertised how the player was supposed to affect the outcome in multiple press releases that Bioware didn't renig that person might actually have a case. Other than that, this post is just for hits and I'm tired hearing the same thing. If you don't have anything to say that hasn't been said, why even say it?