Mass Effect 3's Ending Controversy ... Did Gamers Take It Too Far? Agree with BioWare's Decision?

Mass Effect 3's ending ... did gamers take it too far? Do you agree with BioWare's decision? Join the discussion over at Best Games Network and voice your opinion on this topic.

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SageHonor2404d ago

You know, after this whole controversy, I can say I will no longer take gaming journalism seriously when it comes to anything.

Rageanitus2404d ago

yes... ppl should get real.

Do you ask back for your money if you finished your meal at a restaurant just because you did no like it?

Or ask request for a refund after watching a whole movie in a theatre?

request for money back after you watched a horrible concert...

PPL should just get real and suck up the losses if you truly did not like the game

002404d ago

I'm sure Capcoms going to love locking more game content on disc so you have to pay for it. cause you know consumers DEAL WITH IT blah blah blah etc.

ninjahunter2403d ago

People do get refunds for crappy food, Refunds for movies in a theatre People dont get refunds from concerts because musicians are greedy mofos.
If you Can prove something is low enough quality to someone in charge you can generally get a refund if the person in charge cares even a bit about customer service.