Zynga Acquires OMGPop

Mobile gaming giant Zynga has acquired fellow mobile gaming company OMGPop, reportedly for around $200 million. OMGPop is known for their mobile game Draw Something which has blown up in the past six months.

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Soldierone2406d ago

You know Zynga's rule, rip it off if you can't buy it. OMGPop was smart, cash in while you can. Anyone with programming knowledge can make money with these crapware games.

TopDudeMan2406d ago

Yeah, they're made, now. They can go live on a beach somewhere nice and not have to worry about money again, if the information is accurate about how much they got out of the deal.

As for the game, I play it. It's pretty fun.

specialguest2406d ago

I agree. That was a smart decision. The alternative would have been being ripped off.

GraveLord2406d ago

Hooray for less innovation!