The Best of Mass Effect: The 5 Greatest Locations

Take a moment's respite from all this Mass Effect 3 ending stuff and sit back and enjoy the view. Join BNBGAMING as they count down the the three games' five most astounding locations.

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gillri2402d ago

errm no

Illos was the best, that place was incredible. In terms of visual design it had me in awe

Illium would be my second, every bit as dangerous as Omega but preferred the atmosphere over omega which seemed a bit familiar to me

Noveria is a good pick I loved the first half of the game, second half not so much

Megaton2402d ago

The commander's quarters, feeling that feel.

SKUD2402d ago

Needs moar Miranda IMO.

Pintheshadows2401d ago

I liked the exterior of the Shadow Brokers ship, seeing the city skylines of Bekenstein in the distance and watching Palaven burn from its moon.