Sony Considers Offering PSN Subscriptions

File this in the "hmm, interesting" folder of your mind's desktop. Sony's polling its customers in the Asian market for ways in which they can improve their PC/PSP PlayStation Store. One of the selectable responses is "Monthly subscription plan (1 price for unlimited download)". Interesting idea. Would you be happy paying a set amount each month, ala GameTap, for unlimited access to the store's PSP and PS1 games? Kotaku sure as sugar would. soon as anyone outside Japan starts getting decent PS1 games, that is.

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Darkiewonder4039d ago

Something tells me if this happens, it's too good.

I think they'll enforce that "Time Limit" feature when downloading games.

Omegasyde4039d ago

The Idea has been done before and I thought it was great!

google Sega channel or wiki it.

I had it when I was younger and it was bad Azz. 30 something games p

lawman11084039d ago

Just the start of paying for PSN and it wont be half as good as LIVE. Sony bots say "You have to pay for online" well now soon so will you!

harpua4039d ago

thanks lawman, you basically just showed that you didn't even read the article.

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sonarus4039d ago

hmmm as long as i am not paying to play online not bad. Wouldnt mind paying a monthly fee to play all the games i want

raerae284039d ago

As long as we dont have to pay to play online, I dont think this would be a bad idea. Instead of nickel and diming for games, have us pay like 5.99 a month for 2 downloads a month, and 9.99 for 3 or something. Who knows.

BaMYouRDeaD4039d ago

I got scared for a second when I saw the title of the article. I thought they were thinking of charging for the whole PSN =P

It seems like a pretty good idea. Good for us, but not exactly too good for them since people could basically just download everything which would lead to the developers of that game losing money.

danarc4038d ago

Thats what I thought when I seen the title as well :D
Seems like a good idea though ;)

Omicronn4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

One of the selectable responses is "Monthly subscription plan (1 price for unlimited download)"

Pay monthly fee if you can download unlimited amount of games, this might be a good option next to the free service.

Pay only if you want unlimited downloads of the pay games. Instead of the $1.99 - $9.99 per game.

But.. only if they would not be time limited downloads.

killer_trap4039d ago

wow...i really hope they do the unlimited download offer. but they also have to release much more games than the ones available now. what's the point of unlimited download when there are only 3-4 games being released each month.

Blademask4039d ago

Which equals $360.00/yr.

PirateThom4039d ago

If Sony are charging, they want to keep charging, so it's in their best interests to upload a load of PS1 games every week as well as new titles.

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