Kid Icarus: Uprising - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer plays Nintendo's new aerial shooter.

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Kid Icarus and Lugi's mansion 2 are the only games I would want for a 3DS.

Emilio_Estevez2400d ago

I second that, and throw in a possible Mario Kart

AWBrawler2400d ago

and animal crossing
and monster hunter
and smash bros
and zelda
and metroid
and fire emblem
and pikmin
and f-zero
and donkey kong
and kirby
and viewtiful joe
and no more heroes
and ............... heck whatever else awesomeness i forgot

godzilla722397d ago

Williams Pinball, Nano Assault, Ace Combat, Mario Kart, Starfox, Zelda, Shinobi, Mario Land, RE Revelations, Dead or Alive and my favorite game thus far...Kid Icarus! 3DS has some great titles. Im playing it more than my Vita! I swear, Kid Icarus is one hell of an amazing game. GET IT!!!!