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You know that pro athlete who’s a real dynamo in the minor leagues, but only stays up with the big club for about a quarter of the season, cumulatively? Make that guy a video game, and he’s Sumioni. As a smartphone or tablet game, this would be some good stuff, but next to the Vita’s launch window, it’s hard to recommend this.

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At first I was all like yes another game like Okami...then I found out it was SO NOT LIKE OKAMI. I might pick it up down the road but I'm not sure.

knifefight2496d ago

Yeah, after playing Sumioni, one realizes that comparing this to Okami is insulting to Okami.

I regret purchasing this game.

cpayne932496d ago

Really? That sucks, the other review is a 9.3 so I'm not sure what to think yet.

MAiKU2495d ago

I regret purchasing this game too... I think it should have been a 9.99 title at least.

I didn't think it was going to be like Okami, but I was disappointed in the gameplay of this title.

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dbjj120882496d ago

Ouch, I had high hopes for this one.

smashcrashbash2496d ago

@ cpayne93. People will make sure and ignore the 9.3. Just watch.

Hicken2496d ago

They always do. Oh, well. I'll decide on my own. I've heard it was quite short. I won't be expecting Journey-like amazingness out of it, but from what I've seen, it may be worth a $20 purchase.

admiralvic2496d ago

Sadly, I think people will take this one as the more accurate one. Sumioni will suit a minority, though the quality between reviewers is quite vast.

On PSLS side you have "With 30 stages, it may initially sound as if there is a good amount of lasting value in Sumioni, but numbers are misleading. A lot of players will be playing in the first few over and over and over again, not really knowing if they’re even doing the right thing to move on." so its pretty clear he has no clue how to play and JPS reviewer is 1 trophy from 100%.

gee I wonder which guy has a more accurate impression?

knifefight2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

What's the next sentence though?
"Worse, no explanation is given. It’s not the gameplay that’s frustrating, it’s this lack of involvement by the developers — this poor presentation, this inefficient setup — that causes stress in Sumioni."

Knowing the requirements to move on has been base-level game design since the 80's. One should be be able to learn "You need to 3-star all the levels in this branch" or "It depends on your platforming." But they're not. That's just phoning it in, lazy design. Saying "based on performance" is not saying exactly what type of factors the game is looking for ;)
That's like saying to a judge at a gymnastics event or boxing match "We're looking for who does the best, based on how well they do." OK, that's...vague.

I know you're gonna defend your boy at JPS at any cost since that's your site and all, but dude, your opinion does not equal fact. Lotta people not gonna like Sumioni, and it's not because they're "wrong." ;)


are just the beginning.

This is what's called a "polarizing game."
That means there are people who will like it -- and they are justified -- and people who will hate it, who are equally justified.

Please learn the difference between fact and opinion.

admiralvic2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

@ Knifefight

Considering the requirements to earn 3 stars is fairly low (1 marvelous and another rating is instantly 3...), most will figure it out like this, but if you're in doubt you can always read the manual.

"Sumioni: Demon Arts has branching storyline with events playing out differently based on your performance."

Also various news sites reported that it was based off performance too. http://www.sonypsvitablog.c...

MAYBE if the game had exploration or something complex, but it doesnt. There is a certain point where people can apply some common sense. Even the reviewer expects the game to hold your hand and tell you everything.

Again I can go into a long debate, but expecting you to not totally screw up, is hardly stressful and when you consider the manual tells you, it's not like the information is top secret either.

Also since he edited his post, i'll simply add that I agreeded that the game will suit a minority in my original post. I not only know others won't like it, but acknowledge it.

smashcrashbash2496d ago

@ cpayne93. People will make sure and ignore the 9.3. Just watch

Nakiro2496d ago

The game looks very interesting to me, I just wish it was a bit longer for $20 it's asking for considering it's shorter than Journey.
I'll wait for a few more reviews.