Leviathyn's E3 Predictions

E3 2012 may be two and a half months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make some predictions!

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ardivt3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

E3 2012 only two and a half months away? didn't realise how soon it will be.
I just hope for some glimpse at sonys/ms' next gen plans

WooHooAlex3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Its almost that time of year again!
Unfortunately, I'm starting to feel like E3 will be the last real push for the 360/PS3 and that we won't have any new hardware announcements.

From Nintendo, we all just want to see the Wii U, the final specs and I want to see some real games (no tech demos this time around).

From Microsoft, less Kinect, more games and hopefully they unveil the successor to the 360.

From Sony, I just want to see all the games that have been rumored for a few years now. Title Fight, GT6, God of War 4 ect... and lots and lots of new Vita games please. Bioshock, MGS, CoD, AC to highlight their third party lineup and hopefully some good first party stuff too.

yabhero3028d ago

MS already confirmed that the the 360 successor will not be there this year.

WooHooAlex3028d ago

Ya I know. That means absolutely nothing tho. If they were planning on unveiling it at E3, they wouldn't come out and say it.

Angrymorgan3027d ago

Yes but they wouldn't deny it either, they simply wouldn't comment.

guitarded773028d ago

LoL... The Mass Effect 3 "new ending" DLC prediction is probably the lamest E3 prediction ever.

BigManFanelli3028d ago

Hey man, I agree and I wrote the article. If BioWare waits to talk about ME3's DLC until E3, it'll be at MS's conference.

guitarded773028d ago

Or EA's... I'm not knocking your article... hell, at least I took the time to read it before commenting. I'm just saying it's a sad state we're in where gamers would expect or want DLC to change the ending of a game, and to me that is lame.

BigManFanelli3028d ago

I'm with ya. It pisses me off that they even have to change the ending to begin with. I'm sure they'll find something else to bitch about too.


Just hope the vita and kinect segments are kept to a minimum and not dragged out.

ABizzel13028d ago

I agree with the Kinect part (unless they finally shouw something that really wows), but Vita can have a nice chunk of Sony conference since it's:

1. New hardware.
2. Suppose to have a huge 2nd half of the year.
3. It's a great gaming platform.

BitbyDeath3028d ago

Announcement of new consoles would be good....

yabhero3028d ago

It would but MS and Sony said there out of it... WiiU is hopefully going to convince everyone though... I for one am convinced...

BigManFanelli3028d ago

As much as I agree with the "new consoles plz" comments, both Sony and Microsoft have said they weren't getting into it at this year's event, so I didn't include them in the press conferences. Now, game companies have flip-flopped before, but I may as well go with their most recent comments, right?

BitbyDeath3028d ago

Yea, i'm just holding onto hope that their comments were all for PR sake and they'll actually try counter Nintendo.

Also hope you're wrong about the Vita stuff :-p
Selfish, but i've never been interested in the PSP/Vita side, would be better if they could either hold multiple conferences or at least extend their usual one to cover both.

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The story is too old to be commented.