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GameDynamo - "It's only fitting that Thatgamecompany, the developers of Flower, deliver to us another artistically substantial piece of work that doesn't just push the boundaries of the phrase "video games are art" but slams past the norms and enters a whole new realm of creativeness. Journey, the newest game from Thatgamecompany, does just that, and those who seek video games as a definite form of artistic media, they'll be in heaven."

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CanadianTurtle2401d ago

I saw a review for this on tv, from ReviewsontheRun.

The reviewer stated that it was the best game he has played so far this year. Pretty big statement from a game reviewer when such great titles came out like ME3 and Darkness2.

Glad to see this game is getting good reviews.

tinydinosaurs2401d ago

I didn't play ME3 but I played Darkness 2 and gave it a fairly good review. I enjoyed DA2 immensely - it was also probably one of my more favorite games of the year so far :) Actually, thinking about Darkness 2 makes me want to go back and replay it right now!

sprinterboy2401d ago

Its my 2nd best psn game this gen, on par with flower out does most full priced games too

Hicken2401d ago

I play the game in small doses, once every few days or so. But I am completely wowed by it every time I do; part of the reason I wait so long inbetween playthroughs is that it takes that long for the impact to wear off from the last one.