The Making of Kara: Behind the Scenes of Quantic Dream’s PS3 Tech Demo

PlayStation Blog - The creators of Heavy Rain didn’t come empty handed to this year’s Game Developers Conference. The celebrated studio debuted a “powerful new video called Kara” to show off their new animation and performance-capture technology; If you’ve seen Kara, then you know that the results speak for themselves. Rendered in real time on PS3 hardware, Kara chronicled the activation of a self-aware synthetic organism, but this making-of feature is impressive in its own right as it shows how Quantic Dream assembled several different performances to create a seamless, believable virtual character. The future is now, you guys.

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Sevir2403d ago

Kara looks exactly like Valerie! its erie!!! LOL great showcase! So the Demo was actually up and running on the PS3 in Feb 2011! thats nice! and they said Kara at that point was 50% of the engine! and it looks incredible! I cant wait to see what they have with the new Game, Hoping for an E3 Reveal!

Crazyglues2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Yeah it's the first time I have ever said wow, the character in the game looks exactly like her... That's amazing..

Quantic Games has no idea what they have in the palm of their hands, with what could be the most epic Game ever...

Their new engine is amazing.. I can see exactly how this story would play out, and I promise you it would be the most amazing Game you ever played..

It's moments like this when I wish I worked at a game company so bad, because I have the whole story for this game in my head. Maybe it's from years of playing video games, but I could write the whole story for this game based off of the trailer they made... Just Wow.

This was a great look at the behind the scenes making of the trailer...


2403d ago
dead_eye2403d ago


Should you be up so late on a school night??

srood2403d ago

love you David cage <3

specialguest2403d ago

It's amazing how much work can go into making this side of a video game today. Long gone are those days when all it took was one person to work on the graphics side in pixel form.

cyclindk2403d ago

Wha... what?! I've been working on this Atari 2600 game for the last thirty-five years, painstakingly pixel by pixel each day approaching the completion of my masterpiece and now you're telling me "those days" are DEAD?!


"Ma, we want some meatloaf!"

specialguest2403d ago

I'm speaking in terms of major developers and how it was once simpler. Of course the indie scene will always keep the retro scene alive.

Kyosuke_Sanada2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Would love to see this engine implemented in a true horror game after being used in his current project....

r212403d ago

give this lady a role in your next game Quantic Dream, she did quite well!

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