Silent Hill HD Collection 'broken' on PS3, claim consumers

In a bitter twist of irony, frustrated PlayStation 3 gamers have claimed that the PS3 version of Silent Hill HD Collection is ‘downright unplayable’, saying that the game suffers from a stuttering framerate, regular freezes, poor lip-synch, missing audio and control issues.

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Snookies122428d ago

Well that sucks... Was looking forward to playing this since I've never played the Silent Hill games before. D:

Son_Lee2428d ago

It lags a little in some places, but is NO way broken. A patch is coming soon, anyway, so pick it up. They look fantastic in HD. And, in Silent Hill 3 at least, you can change the controls from tank to normal.

TheColbertinator2428d ago

I've noticed some issues too like freezing.A great game but the remake is poor.

motherboop2428d ago

Glad I didn't pick up my preorder yet! With DMC Collection hitting in two weeks, Ill throw the money on that and pick this up if & when it gets patched.

Omegabalmung2428d ago

I guess Konami didnt bother with any QA.

cervantes992428d ago

If this is true, how does this crap get through QA Testing?

I'm so sick of broken product making it into consumers hands. The collection was delayed several times so why was this stuff not fixed.

I'm ready for new consoles that have decent architecture (i.e MORE MEMORY) so games are more consistent in quality upon release.

The PS3 especially is really showing memory issues with all but 1st party devs. ME3 is a downright travesty with its crap framerate!!!

morganfell2428d ago

Like everyone I know I have had no real frame rate issues on ME3.

And you certainly are trashing the collection for someone that initially stated you did not know if it is true.

So many times we find these "Breaking Stories" to be little more than suspect crap. I for one will wait and see for myself as I am tired of biased, unskilled, and uninformed so called journalists deciding for everyone.

cervantes992428d ago

I'm just irritated a bit lately over some PS3 games that are released broken or crippled in some way (Skyrim specifically, ME3 more recently). I love my PS3 but the recent games I'm most interested in have had major issues.

Skyrim was flat out broken until the recent patch which came many months later.

ME3 is not crippled, but it is lacking compared to the 360 version (I have both versions). The PS3 version dips framerate all over the place for no real reason. This game is far less detailed than many PS3 exclusives and they run like butter. Plus the game locks up quite frequently and the only way out is a hard reboot.

I was just speaking in general terms with regards to Silent Hill Collection as I have not played it for myself.

CGI-Quality2428d ago

The PS3 isn't the issue, the developers are. Little memory is nothing new (just like the 360 having to run its games on an outdated device like DVD is nothing new), but how many devs have had no problems releasing a complete, quality title that weren't tied to a specific brand exclusively? Answer: plenty.

The issue is Konami, not the system.

cervantes992428d ago

Oh I agree with you the PS3 is not the problem, BUT because of its limited memory architecture many 3rd party games have suffered because of it.

More memory would ease problems related to poor development to some extent.

CGI-Quality2428d ago

So? Many games have "suffered" as a result of the 360 using DVDs. Doesn't change the fact that developers have to adapt to the architecture in front of them - or leave the job to a more suitable company. It's that simple. You think next-gen consoles won't have some sort of feature (or lack thereof) that won't be an issue? It's nothing new.

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The story is too old to be commented.