Joystiq- Sine Mora Review: A shmup in time

Richard Mitchell, Joystiq- "Growing up in an era where arcades and shooters were king, I have plenty of fond memories of games like Raiden and 1943. As the genre has evolved, difficulty has dramatically increased -- as has the number of bullets -- relegating my interest into the realm of fascination rather than participation. I can certainly appreciate a game like Ikaruga, for example, but I've come to terms with the fact that I lack the dedication to ever finish it (or probably even clear the second level).

That's why Sine Mora is so refreshing. It offers up both a serious challenge for serious shooter fans and a palatable experience for lapsed addicts like myself."

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darthv722428d ago

that needs a serious comeback. Not the occasional game here and there but a full on plethora od titles to choose from like there are fps. SHMUP is my favorite and I can't get tired of those games.

A new gradius, r-type, darius, thunderforce, etc....would be great.