How Bioware Could Have Better Handled the "From Ashes" DLC

GR's Daniel Hill writes:

Alright, I know we’re all tired of hearing things about Bioware and Mass Effect 3, but I had a thought that I couldn’t help but share. When it was first discovered that the “From Ashes” DLC, an extra mission that would give players access to a Prothean character, would be available day one, fans were not happy. Not realizing that it takes several months after a game is finished to get it on store shelves, fans assumed it was on the disk. Yes, some of the DLC’s assets were found on the PC version on the game, but that is beside the point. If you ask me, Bioware could have avoided controversy altogether (something they already had enough of once fans got to the end of the game).

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zeal0us2402d ago

It should been like Lair of the Shadow Broker, worth your money but it was more like Arrival, short and somewhat worthless. I only used Javik about 2-3 times in the game mainly just to hear the dialogue. Dam I used Zaeed more than that in Me2, now I think about it.

Simon_Brezhnev2402d ago

I used Zaeed and Javik a lot. They both can hold their on in battles.

Kyosuke_Sanada2402d ago

Back for another story Shepard......

Zaeed kicked butt and I love the way he talks....

MasterD9192402d ago

Free with purchase like Zaeed could have worked too. It was quite short and a slap in the face if you did play Lair of the Shadow Broker. Even Kasumis was better IMO.

But I use the Prothean a lot in combat and I've seen many characters in the game comment that he is Prothean. There are certain times it plays out nicely. In general he is an ass though...

Baka-akaB2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

This hardly any reason a gesture couldnt have been made and it offered free.

Before someone mention the cost of finishing the dlc , remember than it's a million selling title and was going to sell further dlc anyway

AzaziL2402d ago

If they want to start nickel and diming their games, they should at least make it look like they made the DLC after the game went into production. You know, like not having the content already on the disc.

This way they can say it was never on the disc and this whole fiasco would've been avoided in the first place.

Or better yet, they could just stop nickel and diming the customers...

kneon2402d ago

But it wasn't on the disk, only some framework code and minor content, I still needed to download something like 500mb to get the whole thing.

And this DLC had to be day one, it would make no sense to release it after you've finished the game.

I bought the collectors edition so it was included for me. Maybe they should have just left it only for the collectors edition and not made it available to anyone else, then we'd get a whole different kind of whining.

NeoTribe2401d ago

If the dlc had to be day one it shouldt have been dlc.... it should have just been on the disk... makes sense right?

kneon2401d ago

No, because then they would have to print different discs just for the collectors edition, that adds to the cost. Instead they just need the necessary hooks in the code to support the DLC.

Also since it's DLC they have longer to work on it, content for the disc has to be done well ahead of time to get through all the necessary QA before it can go to manufacturing. They need to start printing well before the release date. With DLC there is no manufacturing step and so they can work on it until much closer to the release date.

Bonerboy2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Waaaa Waaaaaaaaaa... "I didnt get my junior juice and I wont eat my grilled cheese cause its not cut into triangles and the crust isn't cut off. Whole wheat?! What the hell?! I only like wonderbread white!" I want this, and I want that, I want it now, and it had better be absolutely perfect or Im gonna whine and complain until I get what I want!

God damn endless whining about how mass effect sucked for this or that reason and how things SHOULD have been done the way "I" like it to be done is really F'ing annoying. Jesus, kids these days are worse than ever. Spoiled rotten little brats just aren't ever happy. In fact why dont you go make your own game? Oh thats right you're much too poor and much too inept for such a task. Take your pudding cup, go back down to your mummy's basement and dig around the old couch for some gumball money children.

Who's forcing you to buy the DLC? No one. Who's forced you to buy this game? No one. Here's a simple concept... You dont F'ing like it dont F'ing play it!... there, problem solved. Whining Pathetic Losers. Waa waa waa

Kyosuke_Sanada2402d ago

You have the username Bonerboy and you are calling dissatisfied fans immature.

Don't call the kettle black when you yourself are the Ace Of Spades......

Bonerboy2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Intelligent retort dumb ass. Your response offers nothing to the points I've written. What you clearly don't understand is that "Fans" are ALWAYS DISSATISFIED....ALWAYS. Every damned game that is ever released receives nothing but ENDLESS bitching and moaning from the masses. Wait for the goddamn review and if its really that bad then don't buy it. But of course you will shell out for it anyways because you just "gotta have it", and then proceed to bitch and whine with all the other "dissatisfied" babies about why it isnt perfect. Hate to break it to you but thats the way it goes in the real world of business.

Disagree all you want because the truth hurts your sensitive feelings, but in the end you only have yourself to blame if you don't do your research before purchasing these supposed "imperfect" games. If you did do your research then why buy it? And if you did buy it, then dont bitch as you knew what the "flaws" were, but again asking a fan not to bitch is like asking a person to not breathe. Why dont you just for once try to enjoy something as it is? I understand you can't as your desire to complain is unbearable...but why dont you try, just once, just for me.


Kyosuke_Sanada2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

So basically you are saying to watch the ending before buying the game?

Dude I haven't bought Mass Effect 3 so get it out of your head but if someone spent 60 bones on anything and they didn't get their desired result then they have the right to complain. If happens to be a massive backlash from the customers so be it because obviously messed up big time in the execution. The main point is that encourages the developers to never do the same mistake again.......

Also this generation on the whole has been surging with negativity due to DLC, Online Passes, glitchy titles and such so it's only logical that the community is wound up to snap at problems that rear it's ugly heads.

Well that and internet anonymity......

Baka-akaB2402d ago

lol what's funny is that everytime someone begins an argument with "waaaaaaah waaaah" , they end up looking like bigger crybabies themselves and absolutely ranting

urwifeminder2402d ago

Ha ha bubs up epic rant these whingers are bringing out the whinge in me lol dam gen Y demanding everything, the bibles next that ending sucked.

49erguy2402d ago

It shouldn't have been DLC at all IMO. I say that because there are some people out there who did not experience it and it made some big reveals and added a lot to the story.

zekk2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

...i felt that prothian was just not any fun at all. the best part of the dlc was a rifle. none of the "big reveals" impacted the game like so many people were complaining about. to be honest if they left the prothian out i wouldn't mind. like a lot of our own history it should remain a mystery so that they could do a more ground breaking revealing of there culture and what not later.

49erguy2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Yeah, it wasn't what some expected it to be (or wanted it to be). That's what I sort of liked about it. In my head I had them as a close-knit, generous race who helped others and ruled the galaxy with civility. It was the opposite and they were closer to what turians are. To each his own, but when I took Javik to Thessia, I was floored!

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