Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is the Worst Game of All Time

Many reviewers seemed to agree with the title of this article. Many of these same reviewers didn't get their reviews out until the day of. This article is in no way a review, as its impossible to find any positives in this game, besides the player models.

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Klipz-Wish2405d ago

This has to be an exaggeration

Evildoomnerd2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

The worst game in the franchise? Perhaps.

The worst game of all time? Big Rigs says hi.

BinaryMind2404d ago

That's all the Examiner does is post ridiculous, eye-catching titles for clicks. The site is full of terrible writers and should be banned from N4G.

Iceman X2405d ago

I got this game and i'm loving it, what's pityful is that, how MANY people talking soooo bad about this game never even played it yet. I;ve seen review high for this game and low ,i have no idea what people are hating on....

R1CAN6172405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Ive played it and its L4D in third person, ton of fun with friends

2405d ago
MasterD9192405d ago

What a joke...There are WAYYYY worse games out there.

Amy, Bionic Commando, Alpha Protocol, Brink...should I go on?

Pintheshadows2404d ago

Hey, leave Alpha Protocol out of this. At least it had heart and ideas.

I can't believe you'd mention it in the same sentence as Brink.

MasterD9192404d ago

Alpha Protocol's main issue was that it never received the attention it deserved prior to being released. It showed in the final build of the game, but it did indeed have heart.

Remove Alpha Protocol and replace it with MindJack then...I'm sure nobody wants to play MindJack.

ginsunuva2404d ago

Bionic Commando? Oh you mean the 3d one?

Skate-AK2405d ago

Damnnnn. Trolling hard.