Mass Effect 3's promise of ownership is one it couldn't keep

Gamasutra- Gamers will complain loudly about virtually anything on the internet. In fact, the stereotype of the persnickety nerd is bigger than games and older than the internet, frequently reflected in popular media: Joyless and obsessive, lavishing upon the detailed rules of their fantasy worlds, absurd adults looking stoic in their Star Trek uniform reproductions.

The fact internet mobs will rise up in unison to do things like ruin the Amazon ranking of a book whose author offhandedly criticized gaming, or to arrange a campaign of harassment against an employee of a studio who suggested she'd like to see some things about a beloved franchise change, makes it pretty hard to sympathize with most of the causes gamers get up in arms about. At first blush, the latest stink made by Mass Effect fans over the ending of the third game seems like just the latest eyeroll-inducing advance from an overly-entitled, impossible-to-satisfy group of players.

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VanillaBear2499d ago

Urgh....every site is the same when defending ME3s ending

They have no idea why people have created at uproar about the game, it's like they just see them as fans getting upset over nothing when theres logical facts these so called "moaners" have brought up to back their claims about the ME3 ending.

The main one is that is dosen't make sense and that the only thing which does make every thing seem logical is the ending being Shepard fighting his indoctrination then him waking up at the end. The ending scene with him breathing was like a big hit TV series and it's gripping season finale cliff hanger to keep people clinging on for Season's probably the reason why people with common sense can obviously see that Bioware are going to continue anyway with DLC regardless if people made a "big fuss" over the end or not, the only thing which would of changed if people didn't say anything would be people going on about how they could make us pay for the real ending, although with the way things are going (if Bioware don't make it free) that will be the next big thing which sites will talk about next.....uproar round 3.