Sine Mora Review - JPS

"Sine Mora is one of those games coming straight out of left field. In this instance, left field will be represented by Japan whereas the rest of the baseball field is America wondering why left field keeps giving them funny looks when they mention the upcoming Akira remake. One of left field’s greatest runningbacks and, no, I don’t play a lot of sports, is arguably right-wing defenseman quarterback Goichi Suda, or, as the industry calls him, Suda51. Head of Grasshopper Manufacture and the man responsible for some of gaming’s most insane offspring, Killer7 and No More Heroes, Suda51 has a strange pedigree behind him, but being a release between Shadows of the Damned and the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw, Sine Mora seems to be a beast handled by a different set of extremely creative hands. " - JPS

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