Street Fighter X Tekken opens the Pandora's Box of DLC with its Gem System

Street Fighter X Tekken's Gem System plans to incorporate DLC content into its battles. Will this concept catch on, or will players rebel?

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andrewsqual2496d ago

No they did that back in 2006 when they signed their life over to Microsoft. Subscriptions and being ripped off for things you shouldn't have to pay for, Crapcom became like Microsoft a loooong time ago.

vortis2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

The really stupid part is, how much would gamers have had to pay if hackers had never brought this disgusting practice to light?

I mean, we're still only getting 12 of the 56 colors for free, but Capcom has yet to detail if ALL the colors will be free. I imagine there are some ignorant fools who think gamers don't deserve to have colors available to them right out of the box because "teh colors costs monies to make"

But let's be honest, Capcom is trying to milk two kinds of systems from the cow: the retail marketplace system and the microtransaction model.

You're paying $60 for an (in)complete game and then paying countless amounts of additional funds to make the experience complete. I know there are people who are saying "Well you don't need to buy that stuff" but ALL the optional stuff is standard-fare stuff in other fighting games. And even if you bought $170 worth of content for SFxT it still doesn't equate to the amount of content you get in VF4: EVO, DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi or Tekken 6.

The sad reality is that gaming journalism failed and Capcom has effectively gotten away with it. The only recourse was that they've handed out some "free" stuff already locked on your disc.

What's worse is that gamers will further comply and bend over for some additional raping come Super Street Fighter X Tekken, where they'll go from 30% locked content to 45%.