DigitalNoobs Defenders of Ardania Review

Anthony writes:

"Defenders of Ardania mixes the tried and true tactics of a tower defense game with the tried and true tactics of a RTS game to create something new and unique. Sadly new and unique isn’t always a good mix as Defenders of Ardania shows us. The initial issue with Defenders of Ardania isn’t in its lack of gameplay, it’s packed full of tower defense elements and it has even more RTS elements in then I can remember. Its real issue with the gameplay is there is too much of it. When a game focuses on attacking and defending at the same time you find yourself stuck in a kind of middle ground that doesn’t advance to either side in any kind of timely fashion. The gameplay quickly falls into a rut and eventually you just keep repeating the same cycles over and over again until you chip away at the enemy and gain a victory."

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