Call of Duty 4 Patch "Would Do Nothing" to Hackers, Dev "Would Love to See" a Remake

MP1st - Recently, the YouTube Call of Duty community started a campaign asking Infinity Ward and Treyarch to fix Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: World at War.

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VanillaBear2402d ago

A remake...of a game...that came out 5 years ago



GraveLord2402d ago

The worst thing is that some people are actually asking for it.

FFXI1012402d ago

Why ask for it? I mean I love the CoD4 but there is no need to remake.

Because MW2, MW3 are pretty much the same game with few changes. We don't need remake, just playing MW2 or MW3.

CarlosX3602402d ago

@FFXl101: It's not the same thing, though. Like MW3 for example, the flinches are worse than COD4. And throwing bombs while being hit doesn't even DROP the grenade! It does nothing!

Want more? There are times that you shoot someone and it doesn't really register.

MW2 is pretty damn close to being a perfect sequel to COD4, it's only problem is that the balancing is not there. COD4 is the pinnacle of the series.

F7U122402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

sorry we're not going to honor our end of the agreement and do what we're supposed to do, instead we'll just remake it and charge you another $60 for it so we can start this process all over again in another couple of years.

I never, ever buy any game that's published by Activision, they'll not see another red cent of my money.

Crazyglues2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

LMAO... So let me get this straight, you want Infinity ward and Treyarch to stop working on their current games ( Which by the way tend to make a billion dollars in sales when they come out) Stop working on that and instead, work for free (basically) and go back and patch a game that came out in 2007 because you and a few others can't stop playing the old one...COD4

Right that's really going to happen.. LoL... Day Dream much...?


guitarded772402d ago

Your avatar makes your comment great.

killerhog2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

With the exact same engine and glitches as the original lol. Every year cod games have bug/exploits they supposedly fixed. What sad is it will be exactly the same and sell 20 million.

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LAWSON722402d ago

it can be fixed but why do that for free when you can remake a game and sell it for money

Ghost2502402d ago

actually i would love to see this the only good COD games were COD4 & MW2 other than those the rest are garbage. we wouldn't have this problem if hackers didn't fuck up shit and ruin it for anyone else

TheFallenAngel2402d ago

Mw3 is better than mw2. CoD4 still the best.

Ghost2502402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

mw3 plays exactly like black ops to me and i don't like like black ops or world at war tbh. ever since the main infinty ward members left, COD has been sucking. but if you like MW3 more thats fine. but yeah COD4 is still the best

Yodagamer2402d ago

tbh i thought mw3 was one of the worst cod games to come out.

Ducky2402d ago

" the only good COD games were COD4 & MW2 other than those the rest are garbage"

Calling CoD2 and UO as garbage while heralding MW2? O.o

Ghost2502402d ago

im talking about anything after 4 not before, i've never played COD2 cause i never had a 360 or PC at that time it came out. United Offensive isn't even a full game its an expansion for Call Of Duty so why even bring that up.

svoulis2402d ago

If they "remade" the game they would literally be taking a classic and shitting on it. COD4 is awesome always will be. It doesn't need to have everything MW3 has. That would ruin it. Plain and simple.

Disccordia2402d ago

Might be the first game to be remade using the same engine the original was on.

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