Mistwalker Developing Three iOS Games, More News Coming Via Facebook

The Last Story creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is moving onto mobile devices. “I’m working on three new games on iOS,” Sakaguchi said in an e-mail to Siliconera. “I’m planning to post updates on my Facebook as [I'm] making progress.”

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NYC_Gamer2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Its sad that dude is forced to create iso software because lack of support for his big budget games

NukaCola2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

His titles should of been on JP systems as well. I really enjoyed Lost Odyssey but it was on the console with the lowest JRPG demographic. I never got that.

With Last Story, I think Nintendo really screwed the company over. The game should of been released WW day one and not have the gamers fight to petition it. I kind of blame Nintendo of America for that. I really do not like their marketing at all.

Shivan2401d ago

It has nothing to do with budget. IOS is a cash maker and he wants some

In none of his statements did he say he wasnt making other games at the same time

Eamon2401d ago

It does have to do with budget.

Of course, it doesn't mean to say he hasn't got money to develop console games, however developing on iOS is much cheaper and is a real way to make money.

Just look at Chaos Rings and Infinity Blade. And Square is releasing loads of its old classics on iOS too like FF1-FF3, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana etc.

Shivan2401d ago

it has nothing to do with budget..........

yeah square is showing support for ios but not as much as the 3ds or vita

lelo2play2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

"Mistwalker Developing Three iOS Games, More News Coming Via Facebook"

What a waste of talent!

_Aarix_2401d ago

Why? The app store has a pretty good audience. Its good profit like it or not.

Eamon2401d ago

I guess you have not played Chaos Rings, lelo2play.

YoungKingDoran2401d ago

yeah but Da Vinci wasn't limited to a pencil and post-it notes

ozzywazzy2401d ago

No thanks, I'm good with words with friends on my Iphone. I game on my vita and consoles.

TBM2401d ago

agree 100% i do the same only that i play words with friends on my droid lol.

Knushwood Butt2401d ago

The guy can't compete on consoles.

Eamon2401d ago

One of these 3 IOS games will be a "surfer" game. lol...

I wonder if he will develop an iOS exclusive jRPG. He would have to compete with Chaos Rings which is an amazing series on iOS.

Shivan2401d ago

theres plenty more rpg series than those........alot more japanese ones too........

the other 2 are platformer mini game things, no jrpgs

Rolento2401d ago

I'm sure it will be mediocre just like all of their other games.