Talking Point: Why Wii U's Image Must Grab Attention

With each passing week we get closer to the arrival of Nintendo’s next home console, Wii U. It’s due by the end of 2012, yet there’s still so much that we don’t know: technical specifications, prices, planned launch games and even the final name. All of these factors will be important to its early success, but perhaps the actual colour of the console will also have a role to play: after all, it’s one of the first features that potential buyers will see.

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Ck1x3035d ago

I think they have been going with white primarily because its a contemporary color, since most entertainment cabinets or stands are either black, wood, or glass. White can stand out in any of those environments pretty well as a entertainment device

from the beach3035d ago

Does it really matter.. the Wii was about as plain looking as a console can get, but you could hardly say that hampered sales..

Drainage3035d ago

they said they avoid colors to avoid being generalized as a toy or kid console. its for everyone

lionelglitchy3035d ago

so why can you get a black/red/blue wii then?

shackdaddy3034d ago

I actually prefer colors. I want an orange one really badly...

jacen1003034d ago

dayglow green be awesome :))