GameInformer- Ninja Gaiden 3 Review: Ryu's Lackluster Return

GameInformer- Ninja Gaiden 3 is not a complete train wreck, but it does suffer from a multitude of problems. The action can be fast-paced and engaging at times, but many design decisions significantly bring down the experience. Dumbed-down A.I., a limited arsenal, the series’ notoriously difficult camera, no inventory/currency system, and an incoherent story combine to make this the most disappointing title in the series.

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Ashunderfire862496d ago

Too many bad games this march, not cool!!! First the disappointing ending of Mass Effect 3, The mediocrity to bad Silent Hill downpour(Heavy Rain sounds better lol), the atrocity of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, and the worst Ninja Gaiden game that doesn't belong in the series. February did better, starting with Kingdom of Amalur and Twisted Metal.

Kingscorpion19812496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Actually I thought Silent Hill Downpour was pretty good! I don't know why the fans think it's mediocre. I would give this game a 7.5 or 8 out of 10!!