Review: Sine Mora [Press2Reset]

Aaron Carlisle is still blinking away the image of thousands of bullets after reviewing Sine Mora, but it sounds like it was totally worth it.

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Perjoss2428d ago

nice score! is it ever coming to any other platform apart from the 360?

Sharodan2428d ago

From all I've heard, I don't think so. This will likely remain a 360-exclusive for the foreseeable future.

Perjoss2428d ago

Yeah when I fired it up earlier I noticed it was a Microsoft Studios game...

acidbrn2428d ago

At one time it was slated to see release on the PSN, with 3D support included. Not sure what happened to make them switch it exclusive to the 360.

DigitalRaptor2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

As what happens a lot of the time, Microsoft were responsible for persuading Digital Reality/Grasshopper Interactive to keep it exclusive. You only need to recall certain techniques Microsoft have used before to secure exclusivity.

Now exclusivity is not something I hate upon, but when a developer withdraws development on a certain platform because of exclusivity deals that were made by publishers, especially when they had fans on that platform looking forward to it and were willing to pay to play it is unacceptable and a disgusting thing to do in this industry. The developers strung myself and fellow gamers along for well over a year - far, far too long.. Oh well won't be buying any more of their games!