High Res Halo 4 Concept Art : The UNSC returns?

Nixelpixel 'The artwork clearly showcases a massive docking bay, where ships are being dispatched one after the other and you can clearly see the UNSC pelicans hovering around, telling us that this might actually be aboard a UNSC carrier.'

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Nike2405d ago

Holy sheet are those Banshees?

Nick282405d ago

Its just artwork...most of it doesnt even make it to the final game, so dont get your hopes high...

humbleopinion2405d ago

There's nothing new here. This screenshot among many others were available quite some time ago:
It's also available there at a much higher res:

Young_ART2405d ago

the United States Naval Corps is in Halo 4?

The BS Police2405d ago

United Nations Space Command.

Hooby2405d ago

This has been speculated since ages and ages ago when the images were released. How is this news?