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Brett writes - "Sine Mora, which translates to “without delay” in Latin is a “ship shooter” similar to say, Ikaruga or 1942. The premise is always the same: many dudes fly in your direction, you have crazy weapons that you rapidly fire, and your enemies flash until they explode as you dodge insane amounts of gunfire. While it’s usually all the same to me now, this one was different!…kind of. Now one of the unique things about this one is it’s use of time. You hold down the right trigger and everything (except you) drastically slows down. This even includes all gunfire besides yours, which is a huge puzzle point of the game. While it’s cool to see, you always end up using too much of it and the game has tons and tons of points where it’s required to use it. Such as navigating through thin columns that only by slowing down can you quickly get through. If you run out? Game over."

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