The Best New Mass Effect 3 Endings

GR: "Twitter has taken it upon themselves to fix Mass Effect 3's apparently horrible ending... I don't know. I haven't even started the fucking game. Either way, here are my favorites."

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cervantes2402403d ago

I still haven't beaten ME3 yet. Trying to enjoy it as best as I can, though!

WitWolfy2402d ago

Its an awesome journey as you so far cant denie... Just dont take the ending TOO seriously... Seeing that they WILL give us alternate endings and proper closure (thank the Godess)

ftwrthtx2403d ago

There seems to be too much angst over the ME3 ending. Why can't people just accept it and move on?

Would you want Stephen King to rewrite the ending to Cujo or Misery?

Sev2403d ago

Yeah, I'm in this camp too. While I agree BioWare should have made a better more satisfying ending in the first place, now that it's out there, it should be what it was meant to be: The End.

WitWolfy2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

I loved the ending of Misery.. Even if the movie didnt give the book any justice at all, so I cant see the relevance in your argument.

ftwrthtx2402d ago

The point is, it doesn't matter whether we like an ending or not, it's up to the author who wrote it.

It could be any book. I just threw two popular books out there.

LostTokens2402d ago

I need to play this game, then make fun of the ending. Maggie shooting Mr. Burns? Too soon, man. :-D

wallis2402d ago

How about Shepherd's various efforts earn him various rewards with slight potential to affect ultimate outcome of death or survival? Sounds silly I know and who'd expect it from an rpg of all things?

Still we can dream.

humbleopinion2402d ago

Best ending:
The Ur-Quan arrive and shield-world the Reapers and Humans together on Earth until they resolve their issues.

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