The Europeans: What About 'Em?

Here are some facts and predictions about the European gaming world in 2008 and beyond. A lot of people don't seem to completely understand the gaming market in Europe - why is the Playstation 3 selling better than the Xbox 360 and will Nintendo dominate the market? Hopefully some of those questions will be easier to answer after reading this article.

Note: This article is only an indication about what will likely happen during the next months and years in Europe.

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Meus Renaissance4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

Just watch this video comment and you'll know my thoughts in regards to the console wars.

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socomnick4573d ago

that video was awesome.

Bnet3434572d ago

Meus, you a Street Fighter fan? Nice, been playing Street Fighter since I was sh*tting diapers. :D Glad to see some people know about that video, thats epic right there. Anyways back on topic, the reason games for Europe get delayed or whatever is because they need to make the game in like 10 different languages. So that takes time and extra money.

Batusai4573d ago

Great article, I agree with him in all he say. This is the reallity here, in Europe.

barom4572d ago

I would have to disagree. I know like 20 ps2 owners in Norway and I know only one who got Singstar (who is a girl btw). I dont know anyone who has Buzz. I do know that soccer games sell a bunch.

I believe Sony is doing great in Europe because its platform just appeals to that continent. While X360 may have Halo 3, Mass Effect, Gears of War and BioShock. They`re all shooters. PS3 got Uncharted, Ratchet, Resistance, Heavenly Sword, Tekken 5: DR among others, all in its first year. Soon to come (hopefully) will be MGS4, LittleBigPlanet, GT5, KZ2, FFXIII

resistance1004573d ago

I put any money the person in that picture is not european.

IGNFTW4572d ago


diatom4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

England and Ireland's gaming market is dominated by the big chains (Game and Gamespot) which market the crap out of the X-box and it sells very well there. The rest of Europe is Dominated by Independents who typically don't even carry the 360 and big box stores which toss a few ratty 360 Boxes on the shelves next to the children's undergarments and Bananas and strangely enough, it doesn't sell so well.

The PS3 needs to kiss more Big chain butt and the 360 needs to actually get on store shelves if they want sell more in Europe...

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