Ubisoft details Far Cry 3 Pre-Order Incentives

Ubisoft is certainly no stranger to pre-order bonuses, both through their own first run editions as well as retailer specific DLC. Far Cry 3 is set to continue the trend with two incentives worth keeping an eye on. If you stuck around till the end of their latest gameplay trailer featuring Dr. Earnhardt, you might have spotted something extra for those keen on the title.

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banjadude2405d ago

Splitting up armor/weapon "packs" is one thing, but splitting up missions? VERY unfair.

FunkMacNasty2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

It shouldn't be too big of a deal as long as all the extra missions aren't tied into the main story arc. I'm okay if they were just side quests or something similar in scope. Either way all pre order incentives inevitably become DLC at some point, so nobody will miss out who doesn't want to miss out.

strange19862405d ago

"...adding elements from the indie scene..."


Somebody2405d ago

So they are stealing from smaller developers now?

Somebody2405d ago

If they still use the same horrible connection based DRM for the PC version then no amount of incentive will ever tempt me.