RE: Operation Raccoon City 2 a possibility says producer

Speaking to the XCN Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City producer working with Slant Six, Masachika Kawata hinted at the possibility of more spin off games in the series.

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VanillaBear2401d ago


Look at the reviews and take the hint

Don't ruin RE more then you already have

"Remembering Masachika Kawata has previously worked on several Resident Evil games in the past, including Resident Evil 5, let's hope we get more games in the future."

Oh cool....more RE games like Operation RC and RE5.....were all so excited /s

I mean I can't even get that excited for RE6 since it looks like only a small part of the game (Leon) will be true to survival horror and even then it's not even close to what RE1-3 was like....or RE4 in some small parts.

Ashunderfire862401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Man its Capcom making Resident Evil 6. Has any Resident Evil game from them (not spinoff but just the series) has ever gotten a bad review? No!!! Resident Evil 5, despite its short comings still was a best seller for the fanchise. Resident Evil 6 will be the best in the series, I am 100 percent sure of it, and glad its a sequel too. Not a prequel to 5, thank God!!!! The graphics and gameplay looks even better than Operation Raccoon City. Capcoms only big mistake for this game series, was to allow another developer to create spinoffs to the series. No one can make Resident Evil like Capcom.

VanillaBear2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Yeah RE5 did well because it's RE, it automaticaly has hype behind it because of the fanbase who think "Maybe they'll get it right in the next game", obviously thanks to the trailer things look bleak. Look at GTA4 when it came out, perfect scores from all around then 8-10 months later people argreed it wasn't as good as they made it out to be, that it wasn't good as past GTA games

Co-op, lack of horror, horriable AI, focus on action, no zombies is just some of the complaints of RE5.

RE6 looks like Capcom have ignored peoples complaints about RE5 and instead expanded on the things people don't want in a game like RE.

More characters which means less focus on story
Zombies...BUT they can hold weapons and are smart, basicaly not Zombies
Action, action and more action
Turning it away from survival horror
Lack of real horror
a cover system.....really
Unnecasary characters instead of fan favorites making a return
Guessing they will still use horriable chapter system
Probably will still have no merchent
and YAY....more co-op /s....each character has a partner ¬¬

Judging from your comment I'm guessing you love they've never done wrong in your book.

Tdmd2401d ago

I sadly agree. Smart armed zombies and cover system alone just killed the hype for me. I'm still curious about it, but that's it for now. Just curiosity feed by wishful thinking.

On topic: Seriously? Another ORC?! Even after the big warm welcome the first one is getting?! WTH is wrong with this people? Will they ever learn to listen to their fanbase?!?

VanillaBear2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

I felt like Capcom were trying to trick us with the Zombie thing, the biggest complaint about RE5 and they made it look like they had listened giving us hope, yet when enough people were lured in, thinking might of wronged the rights they come out and basicaly go "Oh yeah they can hold weapons and are smart like the las plagas" deafting the whole point of why we wanted the zombies back in the first place.

That basicaly told me not to believe anything else Capcom will say about the game to make it look like they've fixed what was wrong with RE5..........Capcom are sly pricks.

kevnb2401d ago

reviews don't matter one bit, capcom knows this better than most. its all about sales.

Tdmd2401d ago

Maybe, but doesn't reviews influence sales effectiveness?

ritsuka6662400d ago

Shit troll... the game is very fun and adctive.. if you not like stay off this discussion.

Anyway, can't wait for raccon city 2.

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Whitefox7892401d ago

How can they state a possibility when they haven't even gotten the estimated sales this thing is going to get? Unless Capcom gave them a big enough of a budget to warrant a sequel.

I mean I kinda thought it went you released a game let it out for 6 months, look at the sales; decide on whether this IP can do another sequel. I mean you can have plans for a sequel but it doesn't mean anything until its green lit by the publisher.

TheMutator2401d ago

all i can says is LOL!!!

Pozzle2401d ago

I'd rather Capcom make a RE: Outbreak #3, tbh.

Pintheshadows2401d ago

Really? That would be like rewarding bankers with huge bonuses even though they almost caused the collapse of the world economy.

Surely no one would be that crazy! /s

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