gamrReview: Sine Mora review

Brent Galietti of gamrReview writes: Sine Mora does some great things that are not seen in this genre very often; breath-taking 3D visuals, re-invention of the traditional gameplay mechanics and a captivating story mode that also successfully introduces new gamers to the bullet hell experience without immediately scaring them off. While not everyone is going to feel that they got their money's worth at $15, what Sine Mora brings to the table is well made and a shining example of the sidescrolling shooter.

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Spectator12401d ago

I notice this game's getting a lot of early praise.

swirldude2401d ago

It's well deserved praise. Few shmups have been so willing to bring new gamers along.

Runa2162401d ago

Looks alright, but I'm still not convinced it's anything special.

Torillian2401d ago

I like the look, was sad to see this picked up as an XBLA exclusive since that takes it out of the realm of possibility for me. Oh well.

specialguest2401d ago

Not too long ago, I was wondering whatever happened to airplane shooters, like the side scrolling types. Well here it is.