Sine Mora – XBLA Review [Nightmare Mode]

"Shoot ‘em ups—in my mind—have always been games about sex.

It’s not the phallic imagery. Nor is it the screenfuls of bullet-semen. And while the pacing is often frantic, frenzied, down and dirty even, I can’t say that it’s more than an afterthought really—a kind of post-coital reflection. No, for me the relationship is far simpler: Shoot ‘em ups, more so than any other genre, are games about the quiet accuracy of fingertips and tongues; that task us with intimate proximity, not only to the onscreen hordes, but to the landscape itself, undulating and unpredictable. There’s an honest simplicity in the proportions, the solitary you and the myriad it.

And as far as lovers go, Sine Mora‘s top-notch."

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