Petition: Let’s ask SEGA for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on Steam!

"With no other major fighting game released on the PC for some time now, this could be great boost for the series popularity so if you happen to be a Steam user who wants to get your voice heard to get one of the best fighting games available on PC, then sign up for the petition!"

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Rikitatsu3024d ago

SEGA has been generous with their PC support as of late, this could become reality if there is enough support!

NYC_Gamer3024d ago

Draw enough attention and Sega would port the game over

Moncole3024d ago

I agree. More Japanese publishers have to be like Sega.

--Onilink--3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

how do you dare make a petition?? everyone knows people who make petitions are whiny entitled little kids who have nothing better to do... if Sega decided not to release the game on Steam, it was their choice, and you have no right demanding anything!!!

sarcastic rant over....

on topic, steam is awesome, has great deals, so any good games that come out on it are a good thing since it means a good chance to get it at a discounted price

Cryptcuzz3024d ago

I am surprise the Vitua Fighter series has not made a return both on console or PC. Fighting games made a come-back in popularity, but the one series I have been waiting for a return is Virtua Fighter.