Where has Split Screen Multiplayer Gone?

GamerFitNation's Zach writes about the lack of split screen multiplayer.

Split screen multiplayer has all but stopped appearing in major titles. When I talk about split screen, I am talking about each player having his or her own section of the screen to play on. Not like in a fighting game where you are both on the same screen, or in some Kinect games where both players on together. Most AAA shooters and Co-op games, used to have split screen , but now most have gone to online play.

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Relientk772406d ago

Developers need to keep split screen multiplayer in games. I still play split screen multiplayer games with my friends and I dont want it to go away.

Shadow Flare2406d ago

It made like a banana and split

Baka-akaB2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Meh to split screen ;p . What's annoying however is that the option to lan co-op or using two set of screens for co-op is gone for the most part .

Some people can actually reunite multiple ps3 and 360 in a same room (that's even what most old cyber coffee shops i know do , especially with the renewed success of fighting games or fifa/pes) and could use lan , instead of cluttering the same few or single online connection available .

shackdaddy2406d ago

If you're really missing it then ask for a new gen. There's no split-screen because the current consoles cant process two people at once without it looking really bad or taking a lot more dev time.

Me-Time2406d ago

People disagreed with facts. haha hysterical

shackdaddy2406d ago

It's ridiculous. Why do you think the only games that have split-screen are CoD and exclusives?

Vladplaya2406d ago

I remember days when consoles were awesome because you can just hook it up to your tv, throw in game disk and play with four of your friends in the same room.

Today, you pretty much have to install the game first, then have to update and patch it, and 90% of the game don't support split screen.

The moral of the story is, get a kick ass PC and play games the way they were meant to be played.

kevnb2406d ago

microsoft came along and blurred the lines between pc gaming and console gaming beyond repair. Now you just play on whatever you prefer.

Vladplaya2406d ago

They blurred the lines which they shouldn't have touched, and they can't do anything in aspects where PC always been above consoles, which is Visuals, Precision, Immersion.

I liked consoles because they had their own nitch for casual gaming. Today they barely hold on to it, they pretty much became crappy computers that you hook up to your tv and pay money to play with your friends online (at least in xbox case)

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The story is too old to be commented.