Assassin's Creed IV will go where it pleases

TVGB: "The next Assassin's Creed -- due out in 2013, most likely -- doesn't necessarily have to inch its story closer to modern times. Going wherever, or rather whenever they want doesn't pose a problem for the developers at Ubisoft, according to producer Francois Pelland."

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velocitygamer3027d ago

Correction: Assassin's creed 4 in the main series.

chanmasta3026d ago

@Persistantthug: If the game is still fun to play and brings new features, new innovation, new experiences, etc. then what's wrong with another sequel?

Lucreto3027d ago

I expect it will be the last Assassin's Creed this generation.

Start a new storyline on a new console.

rezzah3027d ago

There might be spin offs for the new handhelds.

Lucreto3027d ago

The 3ds one was cancelled but the Vita one I expect to hear about it at E3 or a possilbe September launch.

turgore3027d ago

Hmm...well Connor (the new protagonist) can travel around like Ezio in a spinoff. Like he could go to France or England - since those would be interesting setting.
I wish assasin's creed 4 will either be set up in Alexandria (Ancient Greece/Egypt) or in Japan.

AlbatrossRevue3027d ago

An Assassin's Creed: Beginnings would work well in ancient Greece or Egypt and could make a nice filler game with no animus while they work on ACIV for next gen

ardivt3026d ago

connor travelling around is actually quite a good idea! I also liked the idea of ezio leaving italy and going to constantinople. I always thought that in the assassins creed games the environments were more important than the main characters.

HannibalBarca3027d ago

I think it should be set in WWI, the war started over an assassination.

ardivt3026d ago

sry I wanted to agree but I did hit the wrong button :(
I also think that WWI would be quite a good setting for an AC game.

Summons753027d ago

assassin's creed 4? shouldn't we get through AC3 3.2 and 3.3 first?

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