Best of "The Best Ofs"


"I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, and the first 36+ hours of 2008 so far. We're back to business as usual here at SCEA, meaning a PLAYSTATION Store update tomorrow, and regular postings resuming here on the ol' PlayStation.Blog.

While the last couple of weeks have been kinda slow video game-news-wise, there's still been plenty of fine reading. Everyone with a Web site or blog seems to have written up a Best Games of 2007 feature, and here are some highlights and emergent themes:

IGN may have put together the most in-depth 'Best of' series, with separate listings for PSP and PS3. Lot to read there."

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THX71684037d ago

Looks like Uncharted won 4 awards:

Best Action Game
Best Graphics Technology
Best Original Score
Best Story

Can't disagree with that.

One category I can disagree with is Best PlayStation Store game. Super Stardust HD won. While it's a great game it is nothing when compared to Everyday Shooter.

THX71684037d ago

"the story should really be a link to the ign best of's not the sony blog about it..."

It's not just the "Best of" from IGN. It is the Best of many different "Best of" lists including IGN, Gamasutra, Wired, MTV, GameSpot, Joystiq, PS3 Fanboy, PSP Fanboy, and Game Informer.

It's not a Sony blog about IGN's best but a blog about (as the title suggests) the Best of "The Best Ofs."

A bit confusing for someone of your intelligence but I'm hoping others will understand.

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