Gamatsu Reviews: Ninja Gaiden 3

Google Translate: Gamatsu: Ninja Gaiden 3 is a disappointment for both the series and for the games in the genre. Apparently, Itagaki was actually the heart of Ninja Gaiden and I doubt that without him, the series return to its rhythm. I can not recommend this title to any player, not even to fans of the series as it would destroy all their dreams and love they have for the series.

I really hope Team Ninja reconsider what they are doing with the franchises that are in your hands now and not end up destroying Dead or Alive 5 next.

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NovusTerminus2428d ago

Funny, I found it to be the best Ninja Gaiden to date.

Why? Because it had a story! And the weapons are gonna be free DLC, so no biggie there.

Itagaki was good, but he has to be the worst writer on the planet.

jthamind2428d ago

wait, so you think a story is important in NG?

let me put this in all caps so you understand what i mean:


NovusTerminus2428d ago

Well... Okay, but a good story helps allot. NGB had a horrible story, and 2's was... I don't remember it.

Either way, the gameplay was great (Sucks for only one weapon but they are free DLC) So I don't understand the complaints overall.

otherZinc2428d ago Show