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"One thing that made Ōkami such a great game, was the interesting art style. Being based off classic Japanese art (Sumi-e), it managed to stand out in its own way. Since then, we haven’t seen much else in the style, but Sumioni: Demon Arts tries to make a sidescroller, in this same art style. While this certainly makes it a unique Vita game, does that make it worth playing or is it a cheap gimmick to get sales?" - JPS

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SandwichHammock2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

After playing this for 2 hours last night, my PSV feels a little violated I would think. All the reach around and rubbing and pressing, things a workout.

Game is good, and and incorporates the PSVs inputs well in my opinion. The price though, is a little bit steep, taking into consideration that the title does not come with a platinum, and is actually quite light on the trophies. The aesthetic is fantastic. Lastly in regards to this title, the difficulty spike in my opinion is quite large. It was a breeze getting to the first ending...and then the shit hit the fan halfway through the second playthrough. I had not wanted to throw my PSV until last night...

Got me thinking that a remake or whatnot of Okami for the PSV would be absolutely stellar.


edit: I gives it a 7.5/10

Lavitz19892496d ago

It's a challenging game but I like it though. but for $19.99 price, I think it's worth it

Resistance_lord2495d ago

14.99 would have been around my sweet spot