Why Skyrim Misses The Mark When It Comes To Story Telling In Video Games

Forbes - "Tom Bissell has written quite possibly the best thing about Skyrim that I’ve read. There’s so much to admire (and, as a writer, to envy) in his review, I’m tempted to just excerpt the whole thing. I won’t, naturally, but I’m going to lean heavily on his observations."

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LightofDarkness2426d ago

Whoa, wow, ive totally never thought NOR read about this subject before, such necessary and valid input has gone unheard for too long!


001852426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Didn't buy Skyrim for its story.

Summons752426d ago

because.....The Elder Scrolls have never been about the story but about the world and the lore and the building of your char. and seeing the world through his eyes. It's about the individual story and experience you create which can be much more powerful than a set in stone story, either of which if done well can be powerful if done well and elder scrolls dose an excellent job at letting your create your own story.

RedDead2426d ago

By create your own story you mean...explore and travel in your own time? The story/s is/are not up to you. Every quest has a linear story besides the Stormcloak/imperial one.

Baka-akaB2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

I dont think you're creating that much history when bare a few moment your impact is very negligible .

Hell in SKyrim you're even some chosen one , yet exception of a few witnesss of your dragon slaying , and a few npcs , it doesnt amount to much .

There is even so conflict going on , yet in the game you'd be hard pressed to notice bare one faction choice that doesnt really change stuff .
It took a mod t even try displaying factions skirmishes properly , if at all .

But then again Skyrim isnt trying to narrate any kind of complex story so ...


If we can shed light on Skyrims failures, especially story telling it will help us to forget the recent failures of much more ambitious narratives.
We should shed this light after the well established weaknesses of Skyrim are known to 98% of the worlds population.
Such informative,insightful writing as one would expect from a games journalist of some renown.

Blastoise2426d ago

Skyrim is really boring.

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