Should Video Game Creators Rewrite Endings That Fans Don't Like?

Theatlantic - "On March 6, Bioware released Mass Effect 3, the final game in a science-fiction trilogy. A commercial success, the game shipped 3.5 million copies within its first week and received numerous positive reviews based on early impressions."

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Moncole2399d ago

you cant rewrite an ending. The original will always be the real version.

sonicsidewinder2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

All I think is that the players should be allowed to say whether they think it is good or bad. To whatever extent, great or shit.

But for them to petition for an ending change is strange, and just an attempt for people to push as much as they can, and feel big about themselves. Not to mention 'journalists' sensationalising everything.

Now, the problem with this game is that it ends in such a way that simply sets itself up for continued dlc. "CONTINUE THE JOURNEYS WITH FUTURE DLC xD" It's like a laughable slap in the face. Wasn't this meant to be the big END? Full Stop?

THAT is the problem. The petitions and moaning should be directed against that. Make the dlc free. You have displeased us.

Or you could have forseen that game would not appease you, and not bought it like me. What are your words worth when the money is in their hands anyway?

BUT, the fact origin is refunding people makes me stroketh my whiskers...

rezzah2398d ago

Nope, but Bioware lied about choices over a trilogy affecting the very end of the game.

Apparently that's the main cause for the uproar.

sonicsidewinder2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Yeah this is a big factor.

Back in 2007 it may have sounded like an amazing thing, but even while playing though ME2 it was painfuly obvious what I personally though they were trying to achieve, wouldn't be possible.

There's too many variables between the games. And in the end, the moments that do occur which show linkage between each of the games, just come across as minor and pointless.

Bioware saying: "Yes! The games will react! Choices will have consequences! :D"

Bioware on ME2 & ME3 "We are making the game for newcomers :D" - ...newcomers who'll have no previous choices...

Okay..maybe that was unfair. But the point is that the games have minimal consequences.

They just bigged themselves up right at the begining. If I hear right, the original ME writer was taken off or left before even ME2.

Kyosuke_Sanada2398d ago

No they shouldn't unless it's free because this would cause a whole new chapter in DLC milking. However if the ending does have a massive backlash, people deserve to voice their opinions to let developers know to don't do it again.

UnitSmiley2398d ago

Absolutely not. I can't believe Bioware is being bullied by its' "fans" to create a new ending. If people didn't like the ending then too bad, chalk it up to being a good game but having a bad ending.

Seriously, i hope bioware doesn't give in to all the pressure. It makes me laugh and it better not bring around a time where people can pressure developers to change things based on arbitrary opinions.

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