Media Create hardware sales (3/12 – 3/18)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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PSVITAlitysensor2404d ago

Vita sold 20 units lesser than last week!? OMG its not doing well at all... sony better release some good games for it asap or 3DS will whoop its *** all around!

andibandit2404d ago

who cares about 20 units, it's more the fact that the vita is in 4th place that worries me

darthv722403d ago

really isnt much to complain about but then again if it sold 20 more units than the week prior it would be the talk of the town.

Funny how it works out like that.

Jobesy2404d ago

The vita has seemed to reach it's bottom, which is not bad considering there are currently no Japanese games for it. IIRC the 3DS was doing the same #s till good games came out for it.

GameTavern2404d ago

I could be mistaken, but I don't think the 3DS went this low until the week or two before the price drop.

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GraveLord2404d ago

Sony doesn't have any popular IP in Japan..
It's really up to 3rd parties to release their games for Vita.

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TheUnbiasedLion2404d ago

Poor numbers all round except for the 3ds which is up, it hink the vita needs teh japenese games for it soon, its doing alright worldwirde though so it's not all doom and gloom.

ozstar2404d ago

3DS – 64,017
PS3 – 27,900
PSP – 18,633
Vita – 10,021
Wii – 8,127
PS2 – 1,165
Xbox 360 – 1,145
DSi LL – 853
DSi – 617

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

3DS – 68,951
PS3 – 34,816
PSP – 16,176
Vita – 10,041
Wii – 8,322
PS2 – 1,363
Xbox 360 – 1,290
DSi LL – 850
DSi – 502

darthv722403d ago

3DS - down
PS3 - down
PSP - up
Vita - down
Wii - down
PS2 - down
360 - down
DSi LL - up
DSi - up

Regardless of the % of change in up or down the numbers are what they are.

LX_General-Kaos2403d ago

The Nintendo 3DS entertainment console has done a fine job at keeping the good people of Japan entertained. Another week of chart topping dominant sales in the books. Nintendo must be proud of its creation. Even though overall there was a very minor percentage dip in sales for all consoles. Nintendo held on to the number one spot.

With new exclusive releases on the way. The Nintendo 3DS is likely looking to put on another strong performance on the charts. As this is only the beginning, the big guns have not released yet. This looks to be the beginning of a very bright year for the Nintendo 3DS.

Rated E For Everyone

mcstorm2403d ago

I have to agree with you on this on this one the 3DS is selling well every where. I have both 3Ds and PSV and Even though I love my 3DS I am finding the PSV a better all round device. But its biggest problem is the price with a memory card.

What sony need to do is say the PSV with 4GB is £219 8GB £229 16GB £239 and 32GB £250 or something along them lines as this is what is stopping people from picking up the device as it needs a memory card to work or stick a 2GB in for free like the 3DS.

But if you take what I said above then both consoles are selling well imo and I hope sales start to go up for them both. I said from the start the 3DS will out sell the PSV in its life time but I expect the PSV to out sell the PSP in its life time and I think if sony manage this this they will be happy with that.

insomnium22403d ago

I even doubt that Vita will ever reach PSP's numbers. PSP is a sales monster and if they manage to weed out the custom firmware crap that plagued the PSP the PSV might not be as popular. Not even close I would have to assume.

I do hope that Sony makes a good profit with Vita. The price is a little too steep for me since I don't really have time for more gaming atm but Vita will be mine some time in the future :)

mcstorm2403d ago

I dont know its hard to say at such a early stage. Over here in the uk the psv has sold quite well from speaking to people where the ps3 did not sell too well here to start. I think if sony get the price right give us a big gt game as well as games like lbp lbp karting ect the sales will pickup.

Sonys biggest problem at the moment is there 1st party stuff. Yes they do have some big exclusives but only for the core and its not quite as popular as the big guns on the xbox and nintendo consoles.

onys biggest problem this gen was they did not take ms as a threat at the start of this gen and did not think they woud lose as many exclusive as they did and after that they started selling better on the 360 apart from ff which was a bad game this gen anyway. So sony are now starting to give us some new exclusives like lbp uc kz resistance motor storm mnr ect but they are not quite pushing them the same way ms push halo gears forza fable ect so the games are not being seen by the normal people who play games.

But looking at the psv and the way it has been setup it looks like sony are finally pulling there psn together and getting the right mix of games too so i see the psv sales starting to pickup once the price change happens and we have some more killer games.