"Nothing needs a reboot unless that reboot works," says DMC's Ninja Theory

Tameem Antoniades of developer Ninja Theory is no stranger to fan wrath as his studio is handling Capcom's DMC reboot. When a reboot actually works it can make a series "survive."

Antoniades' opinion is "irrelevant" as to the reboot because it was Capcom's call. They went with a "bold step" to reinvent the IP but also to "give it to a non-Japanese dev."

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h311rais3r2402d ago

Too bad yours probably won't.

Darrius Cole2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

The real issues come from the full interview which comes from Computer and Video Games.


In response tot he comment "Only DMC fans are going to buy this. It's not going to win a new audience."

Tameem responds with...

----------------------------- -------
"I don't know if that's true. So far it's the DMC fans who have been vociferous about not wanting to play it. [Laughs] It's the people who haven't been interested in DMC since the first ones who are starting to get interested. But I'm not a marketeer. Philosophically, the way to make a successful game is to believe in what you're doing, then hope that sales follow. I'm not trying to design around what I think people will want. That's where you get into creative bankruptcy. That, more than anything, will kill a series"
----------------------------- ----------

So he is not making a game for the DMC fans and he is not even trying to design around what he thinks people will want. That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

Ladies and Gentlemen I ask you, "what is the first rule of show business." I was told the answer is, "GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT" I googled it and found. "DON'T ROCK THE BOAT" and "ALWAYS LEAVE THEM WANTING MORE"

It doesn't matter which answer you subscribe to, Ninja Theory is breaking them all right now. They are rocking the boat, upsetting the loyal fans, and no one is talking about buying the game when it comes out. It has become all about what Ninja Theory is going to say next.

I was talking to a friend of mine just yesterday about the problems that hack n' slash gamer developers have in bringing their games to the correct market. They always seem to make the wrong choice about whether to be 360 exclusive, PS3 exclusive, or multi-plat. He said "some of these dudes aren't trying to sell games; they are making art." It looks like he was right.

VanillaBear2402d ago

"When DMC was first unveiled the fan base went nuts that suddenly the Dante they knew wasn't the very Dante they knew - he didn't even have white hair! However Ninja Theory and Capcom have stressed this is more about how the demon fighter came to be. Plus he does get some white streaks in his hair, so calm down."

Lets all say it together so it sticks


Theres so many other reasons aswell

God I wish NT would just shut up, it's like they are digging a grave for themselfs.

I have a funny feeling that when this releases Capcom/NT will still make it look like the games done alright when it really hasn't.

princejb1342402d ago

The problem is have its not even that Dante is not in it, is the new character look, he looks so lame and emo

Redempteur2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

i don't care about the hair the looks aren't the problem. i care about my SSS combo meter and the fact that i don't see anything fun from auto combos...

looks are irrevelant ... 60fps , aerial cancels combo that's is what matters !!

That feelign when you play so well you are breaking the rules and comboing like crazy THAT IS IMPORTANT

D3mons0ul2402d ago

With the way they made Dante now, changing his hair white wouldn't deter any ill feelings towards NT and their stupid decisions.

He looks dumb regardless of his hair color, and as you and many have said time and time again, appearance is NOT the only issue.

Venox20082402d ago

I'm not gonna judge the game before I'll play the final product and bark like some of you to the moon.. I don't care how he looks, all I care is a good gameplay and (maybe) a story

WorldGamer2402d ago

Funny how people have reacted so negatively without much evidence to support it.

I'm not saying they are or aren't going in the right direction, but the amount of knee jerk reaction for this game is amazing to me. Guess popular franchises create strong feelings.

I'm going to wait to pass judgement on this one.

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