Kojima's current project confronts 'delicate issues'

Hideo Kojima is known for addressing real world issues in his games, and his next title will be no exception. Speaking at a Q&A to mark the inclusion of Metal Gear Solid in the Smithsonian's "Art of Video Games" exhibit, the developer dropped a few intriguing hints of what he has coming next.

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Frankfurt2428d ago

Kojima's games have the subtetly of a sledgehammer. The writing in the MGS series is always the most convoluted, over-written, nonsensical of all gaming. The storytelling is always all over the place, without rhyme or reason.

He can't tackle delicate issues - it'll be offensive and nonsensical at best.

Valkyre2428d ago

have fun being labeled as a full fledged nonsensical whinner!

Rikitatsu2428d ago

Sounds like you're speaking about MGS4... That I'd agree with.

The rest of the series has great story telling.

HarryMasonHerpderp2428d ago

Kojima is a legend and deserves your respect.

Arnagrim2428d ago

You appear to have confused Kojima and Metal Gear with Nomura and Kingdom Hearts.

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